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Newsletter and Cutting Bee

11 May 2019

Greetings from Lourdes!

I was intending to write this newsletter before my departure, however, time did get away from me, and as I have my laptop with me, the opportunity to write it over a number of days/weeks is slowly but surely coming to fruition.

I hope you are all well and getting loads of sewing done. I did bring some hand sewing to do, however, haven’t as yet had the opportunity to pick it up. So much sight seeing to do in Europe - all day, every day, as well as catching up with family who are spread out all over Europe! By the time we arrive back at our accomodation we are absolutely exhausted and the thought of doing anything, aside from collapsing, doesn’t enter my mind.

The weather started off cool - particularly in the south of France, however, Spain saw the weather go from cool to warm and today in Lourdes, it has been 23 - perfect!

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who contacted me before I left, and took several kits to sew. It’s such a big help to the charity when these quilt tops are completed, and all I need to do it quilt and bind them, before delivering them to the hospital. As many of you know, a few days before I left, I was able to deliver 131 quilts, which I am confident will keep them going up until I return. Please enjoy the brief but very important email message I received from the Co-ordiantor of the Cystic Fibrosis Unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital after the recent delivery.

Due to the large amount of kits, and completed quilt tops on hand, I have decided to have only three quilting bees before Christmas. The dates for these are listed below, and due to space, please ensure you book in early, as I have discovered that it’s more comfortable when there are only four ladies at a time, so places are limited.

Anyway, I will keep this newsletter brief as time for writing is limited. Thanks again to all for your support and well wishes leading up to our trip. The boys are quickly developing a love of history, and at the moment they are particularly infatuated with the great Antoni Gaudi, whose ingenious architecture, incredible mind and imagination has captured so many people around the world and so influential to the young minds (and us oldies).

Until next time, keep happy and keep sewing.
Love Nancy xxxx

ps. - if you have time, head over the the “family photos” page by clicking on the link above. I have put photos of our trip so far, and will be updating it every week or so.

A message from Judith Glazner - Cystic Fibrosis Co-Ordiantor - Royal Children’s Hosptial

Hi Nancy. Thank you for the quality of beautiful quilts for the Children. I don’t know what we would do without your wonderful support! Today I visited a beautiful CF family on the ward. Sarah is now 10 years old and every time she is admitted she brings the Inspirational Quilt she received as a newly diagnosed baby with her. It is very special just like you! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of people with CF. Judith xx


Bring along your sewing machine, thread and any other notions you like to use when making a quilt and join us in making a top from the kits provided. Below are the date for the rest of 2019, and please be sure to book in early, as places will be limited to four per session.

Arrive anytime after 9.30am where morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided. There is no pressure to finish a quilt top, just come along, sew and have a little fun.

Thursday 19 September
Wednesday 23 October
Thursday 14 November

Pasted Graphic

Thank you to the quilt makers below…..
**Please note that the numbers below represent completed quilts only. If you have made/donated a quilt top and it does not appear on the list below, this means that it has as yet, not been completed (quilted and catalogued). Your details will appear in the next newsletter once your quilt/top has been processed**

Name Completed Quilts Quilt Tops from Kits Provided
Carole Freedman 80 -
Sew and Sow 43 -
Heather Scahche 43 -
Liz Davies 13 -
Pam Selley 11 -
Nancy Gheno 6 -
Glenda Stacey 4 -
Sue Wheatley 2 -
Pat Herring 2 -
Mel Radburn 1 -
Lorelle (c/-HAG) 1 -
Maureen Turner 1 -
Liz Kenny 1 3
Rikki Thomson - 8
Anna Eddy - 2
Kerin Donan - 1
Norma Thornton - 1
Kerrie Stevens 1 -
Julie Sunday - 1
- - -
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