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Donate a Quilt

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Quilters are in general, very generous by nature and to make a quilt takes time, effort and expense. Often it can be daunting, when you spend so much time and money doing something, only to give it away. Without the generosity and support of quilters, Inspirational Quilts would not be able to operate.

If you are interested in making and donating a quilt to Inspirational Quilts, it preferably needs to be at least 50" (120cm) square. Quilts donated to the Royal Children's Hospital Cystic Fibrosis Unit can be made for either boys or girls (preferably in bright colours and/or novelty prints).

If you would like to make a quilt in any other colour/design, these will be donated to Ronald McDonald House, which in turn are given to the children of families staying in the house during major illness and/or treatment.

Once you have completed your quilt and are ready to make the donation you can either -

a) Post your completed quilt to: 23 Glendalough Court, Watsonia North Vic 3087 or
b) Contact me to arrange drop-off, either by phone on 0412 554 368 or send me an email at [email protected]

Each quilt donated by Inspirational Quilts will be labelled with its own unique identification number eg. IQ 144. This enables me to keep track of each quilt made, where and when it is donated and the recipient details. Any correspondence received from the recipients will be passed onto the quilt maker. The unique identification number is embroidered directly onto the quilts once it is donated to Inspirational Quilts, and prior to being sent to the Hospitals. When quilts are donated, the recipient also receives a small note which outlines all the quilt details, the unique IQ number and care instructions.

All quilts are photographed and catalogued, and when you donate your quilt to Inspirational Quilts, you will receive an email confirming that your quilt has been received. Included in your email will be a photo of the quilt which will show its unique identification number.

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