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Tuesday 6 June 2017

Hello Ladies,

Well - it’s that lovely time of year (very late in coming!) where the cold weather keeps us indoors and we have more time to sew! Well at least that’s what I tell myself every winter.

I am pleased to report, that although time is flying by, and I can’t believe we are almost halfway through the year, I am still keeping up with trying to get through my UFO’s. Last week, I was looking for some red fabric in my attic and found a box with some gorgeous projects that I am really keen to finish off. It’s so nice to find little treasures that have been forgotten.

In 2007 - pre-triplets - hubby and I had been on the verge of taking a big three month holiday consisting of six weeks in Japan, three weeks in China and three weeks in Thailand. Two weeks before our departure I discovered I was pregnant with triplets and to state the obvious, the trip was postponed. Well ten year later, substantially shorter than our original trip, and with three kids and a 75 year old mother in tow, we headed off on the first leg, which would be 3.5 weeks in Japan. To say it was amazing would be to understate it, so I have included a snippet of some photos for you to see for yourself. We visited 12 cities in 25 days, and it was a most incredible cultural experience for all of us. Travelling to a country like Japan is the best education we could ever give our children!

Until next time - big love to you all xoxoxo


  • Stacks Image 285


  • Stacks Image 287


  • Stacks Image 289

    Right At Home

  • Stacks Image 297

    Universal Studios

  • Stacks Image 301

    Bamboo Forest Kyoto

  • Stacks Image 311

    Look who’s 50!

  • Stacks Image 309

    Big Buda! (more like huge!!)

  • Stacks Image 305

    The Golden Palace

  • Stacks Image 401

    Toiei Film Making Studio

  • Stacks Image 387

    Cherry Blossoms in Toyota City

  • Stacks Image 315

    Fabric Making in Nagoya

  • Stacks Image 317

    Brother International - sewing machine anyone?

  • Stacks Image 327

    Frozen Waterfall in Hokkaido

  • Stacks Image 329

    The view from our room in Obihiro

  • Stacks Image 331

    The boys at Elementary School for the Day

  • Stacks Image 339

    Traditional Tea Ceremony

  • Stacks Image 341

    The boys and the ‘Green Tea”

  • Stacks Image 343

    Tea Ceremony - Turned into cheese and wine!!!

  • Stacks Image 345

    The boys enjoying their sushi making class

  • Stacks Image 353

    Our little Samuri’s

  • Stacks Image 355

    Tokyo Skytree - 434 metres off the ground!

  • Stacks Image 357

    Toy Museum

  • Stacks Image 361

    Legoland Tokyo

  • Stacks Image 395

    Legoland Nagoya

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