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Newsletter and Cutting Bee

3rd October 2018

Start spreading the news…..da da da da da - I loved being a part of it - NEW YORK NEW YORK!
What can I say. An amazing city full of life, lights, glamour and people - oh so many people. And so much to do. Ten days was enough to do it all, however, I needed another holiday when I arrived home. Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Rockefellar Centre, Washington Square Park, Flat Iron Building, Walking the Brooklyn Bridge, Star Dust Diner, Katz Diner (yes “I’ll have what she’s having!”), Tiffany’s, Trump Towers, Madison Square Park, Macy’s, St Patricks Cathedral, Twin Towers Memorial, Soho, Greenwich Village, 5th Avenue, Broadway, MOMA and oh so much more….with my personal favourite, Grand Central Terminal. These were just a small portion of the amazing architecture and sites within this huge city. I thoroughly enjoyed cycling around Central Park with its array of paths leading off to Castles, bridges, waterfalls, painted archways, turtle ponds and even a massive Reservoir. It was just amazing and a very relaxing way to spend a day in this amazing city. We went to many a Broadway show, with my favourite - a big stand out - being Hamilton, followed closely by Dear Evan Hansen and My Fair Lady.

Unfortunately, due to rental costs, there were only three quilt shops in NYC, and as most of you know, I don’t really need any fabric, and I also didn’t have any room in my case. The limit for each suitcase was 23 kg, so I was restricted as to how far I could go with purchases. I did buy a number of patterns as well as some templates to go with them, but no fabric. I enjoyed looking at the many bolts - which was so cheap - and also saw some amazing quilts hanging in one of the shops, but the stores were tiny, and as one of the shop owners mentioned, the rent in NYC is exorbitant and she was paying US$8,000 for a shop which was the size of my kitchen!

Arriving home on Monday morning, I am still feeling extremely jet lagged - after ten days! I am not sure how long it lasts, but it really is annoying me. I am needing a Nanna nap by around 2.30pm every day, which is not a bad thing, except the boys are on school holidays, so it can be a little challenging! I decided on Saturday that I would stay awake the entire day, as we had a large gathering for the Grand Final, and thought perhaps having people around would help. By 7pm everyone had left, and I was fast asleep on the couch. Hubby woke me at 9pm and I went straight to bed. I woke up at 7am, feeling refreshed, only to crash again at 4pm! I am hoping it will resolve itself soon. I didn’t have this problem when I went to Japan last year, but then, I didn’t do as much walking around. Our Fitbits advised us that in ten days, we had walked 182 kms and a whopping 285,000 steps!! No wonder I’m buggered!

As mentioned in my emails prior to my departure, the cutting bee was a screaming success and you can check out some of the photos below. It doesn’t show everyone who came, as some were camera shy, and on one occasion - our busiest day - I was far too occupied, and completely forgot to take some photos - sorry ladies - you know who you are!. The names of all those who came along are listed below, and I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support. Once the boys are back at school, and this dreaded jet lag wears off, I will busy myself placing the cut fabrics into kits. At the moment, the kits will predominantly be in blue, as this was the main colour which was cut out. I have ordered some plain blue fabrics which I will be able to put into the kits. Once these are ready, I will send out an email, and if anyone is interested, I am more than happy for you to come and collect some kits which you can then make up into tops at your own leisure. You can also come along to a quilting bee, if you’d like to spend some time chatting and sewing with other ladies. The flyer for the quilting bees is attached below.

Once again, thank you very much to everyone for your ongoing support, ensuring the continued success of Inspirational Quilts.

Love Nancy

Thank you - for your cutting skills and more.


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Thank- you to all the quiltmakers.

Name Completed Quilts Quilt Tops
Heather Schache 45 -
Sew and Sow 44 -
Sandy Crawford 20 -
Liz Davies 8 -
Jen Bellmont 7 -
Glenda Stacey 7 -
Bev Ansell 7 -
Liz Kenny 4 -
Jo Simpson 3 -
Margaret Esler 3 -
Debbie Nichols 1 -
Rikki Thomas 1 -
Heather Smith 1 -
Kathryn English 1 -
Chloe Wegener 1 -
Nancy Gheno 1 -
- -
- -
- -
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